Spring Cleaning

Here in the Valley of the Sun it is beginning to feel a lot less like Spring and more like Summer. Before temperatures rise to the triple digits it might be a good time to buckle down and make sure you have finished all those household projects you have had good intentions to complete. You will need to hurry though because temperatures are supposed to break the 100 mark in some parts of the Valley by Sunday.  Here are a couple of spring cleaning items that have been on my mind to do.

Clean your air and fan vents and covers. We often forget these in our routine cleaning, but they can sure collect a lot of unwanted dust. You may even find it helpful to hire a professional to go in and clean the ducts and test your air condition system so it will continue to keep you cool this summer.

Trim back those trees- especially the ones in the back by the pool. It might save you time and a mess later trying to snatch the broken branches out of the pool.

Sanitize your phones, we don’t realize how many germs they carry.

And my favorite thing to do- choose one closet or a cluttered space to go through and look for items you no longer use that you can donate to someone who needs them.

If you find however that what you really need is a bigger closet because you use all of the items you have, give James Wehner a call and he can help you find a home to fit your growing needs!







For more tips on pool maintenance you may find this article from azcentral.com helpful. And for those that like to organize, but need to do it on a budget, you may be able to find some ideas here.




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