How to be the Best Homebuyer


In this market competition for a home can be fierce so you want to put your best foot forward.

First, you want to get preapproved by a lender. This allows you to address any credit blemishes and it establishes what you will be able to borrow. Keep in mind that the amount that you can borrow is not necessarily the amount that you are comfortable spending. It is important to set your home price and to search for homes within your comfort limit.

You will want to get a feel for what is out there in your price range so that when you find the ideal home, you do not delay in making an offer. If you snooze, you may very well lose.


Sellers feel most comfortable with buyers offering cash or a healthy down payment to show that they are financially stable. You will want to limit contingencies when possible such as having to sell your current home in order to qualify for a new mortgage. Sellers also appreciate flexibility when determining a closing date.

In the process of competing as a buyer, you do not want to fore-go the inspection process or overpay in a bidding war to get a home.

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As a successful real estate investor and Realtor®, James Wehner’s focus is to assist buyers (investors, first time home-buyers, second home-buyers, relocation…etc) and help them find the best deal that matches their real estate needs.

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