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If you asked your neighbors why they ended up in the sunny, Phoenix metropolis you may receive a variety of answers. Among the most common you may find these: 280+ days of sunshine a year, mild winters, endless outdoor recreation, low taxes, job opportunities, and a fairly low cost of living compared to other large U.S. cities.

Some less common reasons may be the large accessible freeways, easy access to an international airport, open spaces, low humidity, to be near other family, or maybe even to have a large home with a yard and  pool for the same price as a 2 bedroom condo in the city they were living before.

Whatever the reasons given may be, the fact remains that the Phoenix area – Maricopa County to be specific,  is increasing in population. The April 2010 census showed a population of 3,817,117. The population for Maricopa County is now estimated at 3,942,169. That means in just 2 years, over 125,000 people have moved or been born to the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Sellers– here is the part for you. With the influx of people coming to the Valley, there is a definite increase in the demand for a home. Interestingly enough, there has been a continued decrease in the supply of homes listed for sale. The Phoenix real estate market is now a “seller’s market.” If you have considered selling in the last year for one reason or another, but just haven’t made the decision, give us a call today because we work with buyers who are relocating here. Chances are, we have a buyer just waiting for your house to come on the market. And if we do have the right buyer for you already in place, you will find the whole process of selling your home through the Wehner Team to be a cinch!

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