Fun Facts for Arizona Residents

Did you know that living in Arizona gives you all kinds of opportunities for outdoor enjoyment that other state residents might not have?

When you you say you live in Arizona, many people get a picture in their head of the bright sun, hot days, saguaro cactus, tumble weeds, desert animals, and swimming pools. What they may not realize is how diverse our state really is and how much outdoor recreation is really possible.

Arizona Real Estate includes:

26 National Parks

31 State Parks

421 Golf Courses

128 Lakes

Is part of 6 different National Forests

Has what some have named the 8th wonder of the world- the Grand Canyon

And depending on where in Arizona you may be, you will be able to easily enjoy this outdoor recreation almost any time of the year with 160 to 245 days of sunshine! With both the desert and the mountains only a few hours from each other you can be outside all four seasons and escape the extreme winter cold or the extreme summer heat. I personally enjoy my summer and fall camping trips in the Tonto National Forest surrounded by the ponderosa pines and my winter escapes hiking in the San Tan Mountains. Fellow Arizonans, please share what outdoor recreation have you come to enjoy!


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