Preparing Your Home for Sale Beginning with the Outside

The first impression of your home is critical. A buyer may opt not to see the inside of a home based on the condition of the outside!

Here is a quick check list of exterior maintenance items to consider when listing your home:

1. Power wash the outside walls, walkway, driveway, etc.
2. Remove debris from gutters and downspouts
3. Replace the welcome mat
4. Add fresh paint to home and front door as needed.
5. Make sure that the address of the home is clearly visible
6. Trim trees and bushes
7. Add potted flowers at the entrance of the home
8. Make sure your yard is free of weeds
9. Windows should be clean both inside and out

What attracted you most to your current home? We would love to hear from you!

Remember, you do not get a second chance at a first impression. If you are considering selling your home – Call James Wehner at 480-323-5462

Here is an example of someone sprucing up the workable space outside at a fairly low cost to make the viewer at the very least- intrigued with what might be found inside.


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