If Disaster Strikes, Are You Covered?

My heart and thoughts go out to all of those in Oklahoma who have suffered from the recent storm. There are many relief efforts underway and I encourage my readers to find one you can contribute to. Many of us know that parts of Oklahoma are considered to be in “Tornado Alley” and thus you would think it wise of homeowners to make sure their insurance policies include tornadoes as a covered disaster.

Did you know though, that right here in Arizona there have been 233 recorded tornadoes since 1954. That is an average of 3.9 tornadoes per year. Yikes! While most of these tornadoes have been small compared to those in tornado alley- they can still cause unwanted damage and large loss. Some insurance providers are trying to escape the responsibility of fully covering those damages. It is recommended that even if you have “wind events” coverage, you should have a conversation with your agent about the extent of that coverage. If you find your self in a tornadoes path, make sure you report it to your insurance carrier even if you don’t see any damage right off. Some damage can take time to show, such as damage to the foundation. A tornado is never a planned event and many can suffer great loss, but you can take steps to help minimize that loss before it is too late.

To find out more about tornadoes in your area, you may find this site helpful. If you need help with finding an insurance carrier that has your best interests in mind, give us a call today and we can refer some great people! Get covered before the disaster strikes!

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