For Sale By Owner- Not As Easy As It Seems?



This article’s headline caught my eye… “For Sale By Owner Founder Sells His Home…Using a Real Estate Broker.”

Colby Sambrotto has long been an advocate of selling your home on your own so your net return is higher than if you used a real estate agent. Recently, more sellers have found themselves in a situation where they either have to short sale their property or bring some money to closing in order to payoff the mortgage. With this in mind some have decided to forgo using an agent and attempt to sell their home on their own. I can’t say that I blame them, because agents’ commission can take a chunk out of the total, but there are many cases where an agent can help negotiate a higher sale price to begin with. This article ironically was one such case.

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Over the past 10 years the Phoenix Real Estate market has had  its share of dips and peaks. With the only constant being change itself, sellers who do not at least seek the advice of a knowledgeable agent may find themselves marketing to the wrong buyers and be at a huge disadvantage. Before you take on the task of listing your home on your own, send us some info on this form and we will provide a free evaluation of the current market value of your home. There is no obligation, and you may be surprised at the results!

Below is a chart of the average Sold Price vs the List price for closed single family home sales between 1,000 and 3,500 square feet in Scottsdale, Arizona for the last 10 years. So far in 2013, agents are helping sellers negotiate a purchase price of almost 98% of their list price on average. The red sections show the highest reported percent for their respective year.



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