Why Don’t Most Arizona Homes Have Basements?

As someone who did not always live in Arizona I have often wondered why more homes do not have basements. With the extreme heat in the Valley it would seem to make sense that many homes would have a basement as a summer escape. Rod Cullum, owner of Cullum Homes in Scottsdale Arizona offered this bit of insight in an article on azcentral.com. I am paraphrasing here but he says, “…Builders don’t typically build basements here because they don’t have to. In colder climates the footings have to go below the freeze line. In sunny Scottsdale where temperatures only go below freezing a handful of days in the year, the freeze line is not too far down. In places like Minnesota a builder may have to dig 8 or 9 feet to place the footings. If you have to dig that far down regardless, it makes sense to go ahead and put in a basement. ” It is an interesting and probably true take on why most Arizona homes do not have basements. Another idea is that the cost of digging for a basement is higher here than other states because of the hard clay soil as seen in the picture. It is great for making brick and pottery, but not so great for digging 10 feet or more down.

Arizona Clay Brick House

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