The Phoenix Housing Market Is Getting National Attention


The Wall Street Journal published an article today about the Phoenix Housing Market. They even site Mike Orr from our very own W.P. Carey School of Business where we also gather our monthly “Cromford Reports.” News

One excerpt from the article states this about Phoenix, “Because it was the nation’s first hard-hit housing market to stabilize, Phoenix has offered a roadmap of sorts for the rest of the country. For that reason alone, the housing market’s latest metamorphosis is worth a closer look.” Another echo’s my opinion from an earlier blog of mine, “Home-price data don’t show a housing bubble in Phoenix—at least not right now.”

Click here to read the full article. Let me know your thoughts…do you agree with Mike Orr, the Wall Street Journal’s article, and my blog? I would love to hear about your recent experiences with buying or selling in Arizona.


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