A Piece of Scottsdale History has an Uncertain Future


The ownership of the land and building where Greasewood Flat operates as one of the “Oldest, Quirkiest, and most Classic Bars in America”  was sold at auction for 7.5 million yesterday to take care of a back- tax issue. The business, Greasewood Flat,  has been there since 1975 and the now closed Cavalier’s Reata Pass was there since 1955. Both were considered bastion’s of the Old West. People have come from all over to the world to enjoy the outdoor setting with great food, cold drinks, music and dancing.  Thankfully, the current lease will allow Greasewood Flat to stay open for one more year. After that though, it is uncertain what will happen to the business and the 42 acres that were bought by Taylor Morrison.

North Scottsdale has seen an influx of new housing developments in the last few years. Will this area become another  major housing development? What do you think?

If you have any memories from your experience going to Greasewood Flat or the Reata Pass I would love to hear about them. Please post them to my blog!

To learn more, visit Greaswood Flat’s website and azfamily.com



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