More Budget Cuts for Scottsdale Unified School District

According to AZ Central, Scottsdale Unified School District is facing more than a $4 million gap in their budget for next year. Figuring out how to deal with that may mean further cuts to “special” school activities such as art, music, and physical education which could result in the loss of about 30 teaching positions district wide. playground-99509_640

One of the issues with cutting the special programs is that the regular classroom teachers will have less “preparation breaks” as is mandated in their teacher contracts. To solve that issue it has been proposed that the school day be 20 minutes shorter or they have one half day a week. Many school districts have already gone to the half day approach. The School board has put the vote on the agenda for today. It will be interesting to see what they decide.

Is it just me or does trying to solve one problem usually lead to the adjustment of 5 more in order to keep everything on track?

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