Operation Fix It Is Continuing to Make A Difference For Scottsdale Homeowners

When I hear of ways to volunteer directly in a local community, I feel it important to share. AZ Central recently did a post about an opportunity right here in Scottsdale, AZ.

Formerly known as Code Cares, Scottsdale’s “Operation Fix It” is growing in size and capability.  Thanks to some recent large donations from Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc and the Scottsdale Business Forum, they have raised an additional $32,000 so far this year.

What do they do? Operation Fix It: Neighbors Helping Neighbors was started by the City of Scottsdale as a program to help eligible homeowners maintain their properties. One of the main focuses is to help those whose homes are not up to city code and are facing violations from the city.  Other services include landscape clean-up, checking for lead-based paint, and planting new vegetation. The whole program is part of a broader community plan to offer assistance to those in need and to keep our city beautiful.

The number of volunteers often drops off in the summer. If you feel like you could give a little of your time, you can visit scottsdaleaz.gov to sign up. If you know of someone who may need the help, there is an application form on the same sight.

Let’s be better neighbors and help keep our city beautiful!


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