Thinking About Buying A Home in Arizona? IKEA has teamed up with Ideabox For an Interesting Solution!

Ideabox is an Oregon based home design company. Their main goal is to design and build homes that environmentally friendly from the beginning design process all the way through to the manufacturing and even lifestyle of those who buy them as their home.  They currently have an array of designs to meet various needs and sizes. They are offering great low-cost, but highly efficient solutions for our modern world.  What a great alternative to the current manufactured homes that are less expensive, but certainly not more efficient than a stick built home.

Something else that caught my eye is they have now teamed up with IKEA to provide a “euro option.” Now you can design the whole interior of your Scottsdale or Phoenix home straight from an IKEA catalog and you don’t have to be the one to assemble all of the pieces!

Let me know what you think. Do you like IKEA enough to design the whole interior of your home around the solutions and items they offer? The minimalist lifestyle can certainly be appealing when the home is something beautiful and enjoyable to live in…

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