Arizona Real Estate Documents

Below are some samples of the most commonly used Arizona Real Estate Purchase and Listing forms in an Arizona real estate transaction. These documents have been drafted by a board of Arizona Real Estate Attorneys and Arizona Real Estate Brokers and are approved by the Arizona Association of REALTORS®. Prior to engaging in a real estate transaction to purchase or sell your Arizona home, it’s important that you take the time to familiarize yourself with each of these forms. From time to time these documents will be updated with newer versions. Please let us know if you have any questions about our list of Arizona Residential Real Estate document forms or if you would like to confirm if we have the latest revision listed.

Residential Purchase Contract

Resale Purchase Contract Counter Offer
As-Is Addendum HOA Addendum
Lead Based Paint Addendum Buyers Pre-qualification Form
Buyer Broker Agreement Loan Status Update
Buyer Walk through Short Sale Addendum
Buyers Inspection Notice & Sellers Response Appraisal Contingency Notice
Buyer Advisory Market Conditions Advisory
Additional Clause Addendum Purchase Contract- New Home
Income Property Addendum Affidavit of Disclosure
Agreement Notice- Short Sale Addendum

Residential Listing Documents

Exclusive Authorization & Right to Sell Short Sale Listing Contract Addendum
Seller Short Sale Advisory Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement
Residential Profile Sheet

Residential Leasing/Rentals

Rental Application Residential Lease Agreement
Move-In/Move-out Checklist Lease Owner’s Property Disclosure
Lead Based Paint Disclosure-Rental Statement of Disposition of Deposits & Accounting
Consent to Limited Dual Representation Real Estate Agency Disclosure
Disclosure of Buyer Agency & Seller Waiver Unrepresented Seller and Compensation Agreement
Notice of Non-renewal of Lease Agreement Notice of 2 Day Access
Notice of Abandonment Notice to Tenant of Management Termination
Property Management Agreement

Commercial Transactions

Commercial Purchase Contract Commercial Short Sale Addendum to the Listing
Commercial Short Sale Addendum to the Purchase Contract
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