No Second Chances At First Impressions!

Scottsdale home sellers, this one is for you. Some real estate agents do not realize the importance of good photos. Photos taken with too much clutter, bad lighting, or a shaky hand can have huge effects on the offers you receive. The end goal of you and your agent should be to have as many qualified buyers as possible fall in love with your home, thus resulting in multiple offers and quicker closings.

In order for a buyer to choose your home, you have to catch their attention enough so they will come for a viewing. Once they are at your property you must keep their interest peaked so they will decide it is worth their time to step out of the car, walk up to the front door, and come in. You want to invite them to view every space and start planning out how their family will fit, look, and feel in each room. You need them to start imagining your house as their new home.

Now that we have our end goal clearly defined, let’s look at some of the barriers that must be crossed in order to reach it. Cynthia Anderson said it well, “There are several thresholds. Online appeal distinguishes which properties a potential buyer chooses to view in the first place; curb appeal helps get the buyer to the door; and entry appeal drives the buyer’s impression of the interior. All three are crucial, and all three are subject to their own particular errors.” –Make Prospective Buyer’s First Impressions Really Count

With about 90% of buyers beginning their search online, it is absolutely vital that your marketing photos are giving the right first impression and not leaving anything up to chance. Please make sure you have an agent who invest the needed time and/or money to have quality photos taken.

For the second threshold, there are often little and inexpensive things that can be done to boost the curb appeal of a property. A previous post  suggests a few like trimming and cleaning up the landscape, sweeping the walk way, and adding a  few potted plants or flowers. If you want an outside opinion, ask your neighbor or next visitor or give me a call and I can help!

And lastly the third threshold involves stimulating the homebuyers’ senses with a clean appearance, inviting aroma, and peaceful sound.  This will provide the impression that you want them to be there. You want them to imagine this as their new home!

Remember, we don’t get a second chance at first impressions. Don’t deter your buyers from getting to see the beautiful tile in the spacious master shower, the soaking tub and extra large walk-in closet by having them distracted by a wall covered from top to bottom in family photos and the smell of cat litter.

Give me a call and I can walk you through the process of identifying distractions and bringing the exciting qualities to light to create a great first impression!



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